My friends - burkhardeibichphotography

Creating beautiful images is almost always a team effort. Working with fun, talented and creative people is what makes the whole process so much fun! These are some of the people I have had the honour and great pleasure to work with:

Fashion Designer;

Melany Rowe

Hair Stylist:

Shauna L Wheeler

Anela Salon -

Gina Biloceckowec, Simone Pettigrew; and Trevor Pewarchuk,

Make Up Artists:

Becky Gendron / Beyond Eden Makeup

Elizabeth Bernardin

Olivia Morely

Jenn Vautour

Ashly Mckessock / MakeUp Ashly Mckessock

Riti Jain

Fellow photographers who have so generously shared their knowledge- Thank you!

Monty Noyes

Lane Jensen

Michael Legge

Digital Artists and Retouchers:

Dawid Zadlo

Ausra Kelsaite

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